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2001-06-06 - 4:13 p.m.

Odd Coincidence
I've always thought that coincidence was just a trick your brain plays on you. Stuff just happens. Sometimes you see a pattern, because brains like to find patterns in things.

But when the WWF is quoting Iron Chef, and my favorite web comics are talking about my favorite diarists, and I start getting really spooky Googles all at once...

It's all just a little odd.

From Saturne (via an anonymous person)

Guess I'm back to being barefoot upon the concrete again. I just hope when I reach my hand out into the darkness, I can feel someone's skin and have it feel like love for the very first time.

From LastSummer (via Uncnditional)

thank you for her. whoever gave her to me. i won’t break her.

From RobotKitten (via Ramanda)

I'm a great driver. Except when I forget to signal.
or: I'm a great lover. Except when I forget to fall in love.

From LeiaScully (via AlexKrycek)

Falling in love is always worth it. The experience is always different. You can even fall in love twice with the same person and it won't be the same experience.

From Wordwhore (via Mechaieh)

i for one am not going to hide out in a cave and let my life go by. i tried that for a while. caves are dark and tend to smell of bears. wouldn't recommend it.

From NoAlarms (via Sicko)

you’d be surprised how difficult it is to meet new people around the house.