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2001-06-08 - 2:20 p.m.

Running Out The Door
Hey! Update! Yo!

From SandAndWater (via WordWhore)

I can make the world my therapist, and the world doesn't charge by the hour.

From Project2501 (via PeasantWench)

I have very little self-esteem. I have a tiny puddle of self-esteem in the bottom of my shoe, which gets smaller with every change of my socks. It's a constant struggle to keep from doing shit like that (being untrue to myself to make people like me more, not changing my socks.)

From KathMcCall (via AliceWonders)

I send my daughters to school, and later with some luck college, so they can have fruitful and fulfilling careers. That's fruitful, not fruit-filled. But the schools and organizations seem determined to train them into being door-to-door salespeople.

From SugarHiccups (via SilverMaiden)

In history class Freshman year, I got sick of being handed a worksheet every day with no actual teaching being done by the teacher. I suspected that he didn't even check the worksheets when he corrected them, so I decided to answer every question with apples. "I like apples." or "Apples go really wonderfully with cheese and crackers." or "Apples caused the downfall of the Roman empire."

I started this on a Monday.

I didn't have anything marked wrong until that Thursday, and even then he didn't mark all of the "apple" answers as incorrect.

From PLF (via Hot-Lava)

So here I sit, playing the waiting game. The waiting game sucks...I wish I had Hungry Hungy Hippos

From MornGlory (via Maggiesonic)

Drinking and smoking are like two old lovers who can't stop having sex when they're in the same room together.