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2001-06-15 - 2:11 p.m.

The Day Draws Ever Closer
It's Friday. That's about as clever as it gets today.

(Why did the blonde have TGIF written on her shoes? To remind her that Toes Go In First! Hahahaha... um. Yeah.)

From Scraps (via She-Screams)

By the way, I was in Hallmark the other day and I saw those little key chains that say "WWJD". What Would Jesus Do? Well, I certainly don't think that Jesus would have four letters printed onto a tiny piece of plastic and sell them for $7.99 a pop.

From Lolita666 (via Aimee)

I don't know why I always feel so nervous when I go there.. It's not my first time, I know the procedure, you walk in, you sit on that awesome chair, open your mouth and stay that way for an hour..

hmmm, I've just described myself during Math

From Andrew (via Aimee - can you believe that this is the first time I've quoted Andrew? Me neither! It's insane!)

p.s. If everyone who read this diary entry gave me 10 cents, I'd have a nice sub for dinner, but of course noone will, and that is why I hate you, I think you are cheating me out of decent dinner.

From FabulousBum (via Molzo)

I think for fun this summer, I'm going to get someone to run through our house naked. I'm just going to sit on the couch watching TV like nothing's happening, but Jeff, Kelly and whoever the hell else is over will be freaking out that there's a naked person running around our house.

From EevviillGirl (via Chickenpie)

I'm being a hot disco bitch today, no matter how itchy and inconvenient it is...

From Vex (via Uncnditional)

I am still afraid of sharks and cancer, childbirth, death and math, and (perhaps) being caught playing with kitchen items, but at the class reunion I *will* tell Steven I liked him, even though I don't want him anymore. He'll never know to what extent, so it wont embarrass him. Or me. I'll have a bacon-wrapped prawn in my mouth when I tell him, so relaxed do I fantasize being.