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2001-06-27 - 1:26 p.m.

It's Wednesday.
Just the quotes, today...

From Felisdemens (via Valerian)

I need a weezil. My life is incomplete without someone to hide my car keys and bite my toes and stink. No, I do not need to date more.

From SeymourGlass (via ItCameToThis)

Love is a very very wonderful thing. Just when you think you have hit the very bottom, scraped knees and crying eyes, love picks you up and places you in a very comfortable chair with a glass of chocolate milk and a good film.

From AliceWonders (via KathMcCall)

Other people’s husbands will be nicer to you than your own husband will. And your husband will also be nicer to other people’s wives. This does not mean that one or the other is better, only that they have been well trained in where it is acceptable to act like a jerk.

From Valerian (via someone anonymous)

This gives me hope for the future. Maybe if we wait long enough, & shop in enough thrift stores, we can all find our True Loves for about $1.

I might be willing to pay as much as $8 for mine... but only if he didn't smell too badly of cigarette smoke, & had really cool shoes.

From AllOrNothing (via an anonymous person)

I want everyone. I want some people in particular. I want a whole lot of shit. I feel like I'm never going to get anyone I want. I'm hoping this is one of those situations where if I stop wanting, the persons whom I want will come up behind me and hit me over the head with a two by four made of kisses and affection and love that I always miss out on. But can I stop wanting? I hope so. It would make being a teenager so much easier.