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2001-06-28 - 2:40 p.m.

Another Clever Title
Right - another entry.

From Wallshot (via WWWebslinger)

Contentment and creativity seem to have an inverse relationship. I have nothing profound to say. Deal with it.

From PenguinQueen (via Project2501)

I should have been born either hundreds of years ago when people of my slacker lot were efficiently eliminated by plague, or hundreds of years in the future when the entire world is run by fat people pushing buttons. I do not belong in the twenty-first century.

From Shiitake (via AdamW)

All the new trainees were kept in a small little room during the official Distribution of the Garments. A few choice employees who had been there for awhile were sent in to remind us just how lucky we were, since we were allowed to wear our own pants. "Once," one old grizzled man told us, in a tone of voice that suggested he was just about to recount the entire creation myth of his people, "they assigned us pants, too."

From Trinity63 (via AstralFrog)

And *J* if you are reading this (which I doubt you are), I want to personally thank you for releasing those ties that bound me to you for ten long years. I wouldn't be where I am, I wouldn't be who I am, if we hadn't gone our separate ways. You are not a bad person, you just have your head up your ass, and the day I hear the sonic "pop" of your head coming out of your ass, I shall break out the champagne, and hold a grand party, as that shall be a day for us all to celebrate! No, I am not bitter, just genuine.

From Miranda-2001 (via AstralFrog)

'Party bags' went hand-in-hand with the phrase 'Fun-sized'. Parents would hunt round the supermarket for fun-sized anything's to fill a party bag. You'd probably have ended up with fun sized brussel sprouts if your mum o dad had been able to find some...