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2001-07-24 - 11:29 a.m.

Another Day...
Did I mention that it's Conference Time? I did? Oh, good.

Well, then, here's today's entry.

From AllThings (via Dana-Mulder)

My mother is becoming one of those You-Should-Really-Find-A-Nice-Boyfriend mothers. She keeps saying things like, "Now that you've been accepted into medical school, you should really find a nice boyfriend." She says this like it's as easy as ordering a nice boy from the catalogue.

From JerseyGrrl (via Dichroic)

I didnít need to project non-totally-straight-girl imagery when I was holding hands with a genuine lesbian. That pretty much clued most people in.

From Greytanit (via Cucumber)

"Are you for real?" he says, "I mean, about the women, like, touch them...?" That I didn't run him over is a testament to my self control.

From AstralFrog (via Trinity)

i want one of those interactive vibrators where you can control the other person's through the computer. except i don't want the vibrator part, just the controls. and i want to learn how to hack into other people's vibrators at random.

From MarryPoppins (via WidgetBitch)

I accidently overheard my parents talking dirty with each other. Anybody that old should just talk about the stock market or the crisis in china. Sex, yuck, arent they over that already! Wasn't my coming into the world punishment enough for them?