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2001-08-01 - 3:26 p.m.

Wait, it's August now?
You know, I can't think of a single interesting thing to say here. I might have something interesting to say in the near future, but unfortunately, we're all just going to have to wait to find out.

From Lgamine (via Awel)

I cooked lasagna today in the shower. I didn't have time for breakfast so I took some dry noodles and parked them on the unused soap dish while I showered and the hot water cooked them. That was good breakfast, although they kind of tasted like mint conditioner.

From SheCrafty (via GrifeichAdam)

but after spending my fair share of time in his roach infested abode, i realized something: that i didnt like it there.

From SweetLilith (via Molzo)

maxim for today: whatever you think you want to shave, trust me, you don't. Put the razor down. Don't shave that.

From Notum (via Rabbut)

But, then again, I know, deep inside my heart, that if I could manipulate things with my mind, then all I'd really use it for is turning the flames of my lighter into the shape of a llama. Maybe there's a reason I don't have those powers.

From Rabbut (via Notum)

It gets really hot and muggy in Virginia, though, so I'm glad we have cars. I have yet to see a camel with air conditioning.

From BlackAsNight (via Notum)

I'm boppin my head, I'm boppin my head, I'm boppin my head, I'm done.