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2001-08-03 - 2:48 p.m.

Friday, My Favorite
It's Friday. Why don't you tell your boss you're taking the rest of the week off?

From Automouse (via Joleen)

He stammers and squeezes out a forced laugh. I know that laugh, itís argument lubricant. He squirts it all over the conversation in order to keep reiterating his point with the least amount of friction.

From Merilily (via Vampiric)

i love it when people tell me they have "issues with death" . . . i really don't love it. i find it irritating. duh, everyone has issues with death, join the rest of the universe.

From PhoenixChild (via Clap-On)

Dying is not good for your health.

From DumpsterBaby (via Valerian)

Honestly, I cannot even put into words what that place did to me.

Maybe I can let my seven year old nephew's comments do it for me.

"I wish that was all just for pretend."

From MeowKittie (via SilverMaiden)

It's strange when you read something like that when you're not expecting to find anything so wonderful...And it just hits you like a mack truck moving at 70 mph on the freeway...And you feel like you're falling in love with something but you don't know what...And then the rest of the world feels so mundane that you can't stand it and you just want to die so that you don't have to know anything but what is beautiful...

From IcarusGirl (via an anonymous person)

You know, I really do like people, but sometimes I just wish I could shrink them, stick them in a box, and give them a good shake. I think it would satisfy me immensely.