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2001-08-06 - 4:14 p.m.

Five in Five - Day 1
Five Quoteds in Five Days?

Can She Do It?

Oh, sure. The real question is - Will She Get Off Her Lazy Ass And Do It?

Stay Tuned. If all goes according to plan, I'll even update the Big List on Friday.

From Outrage (via Fairmer)

All difficult situations create opportunities for either personal growth or revenge. (Possibly both.)

From LadyIrony (via DarkLily)

I'm not saying looks would buy me happiness, but they could certainly put a down payment on it.

From FionaKator (via RubyFoxx)

Do not raid Peanut M&M machine in coffee room. Breathe deep. Pretend it's a test. They're probably stale anyway. Stale and delicious, that is...

From GimmeAFix (via Narcissa)

I played tennis for an hour this evening and miraculously, I lost 1 pound. I'd like to think the rigeurs of tennis helped shed the evil interloper; but - I have to believe all the mosquitos out there sucked a liter of blood from my system.

From Zabeth3 (via GodIsFemale)

i'm still not too sure about this whole losing weight thing. i mean, of course it sounds good, and it feels good, but do you know how freaky it is to wake up one morning and realize that... you're disappearing? on purpose?