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2001-08-07 - 3:55 p.m.

Five in Five: Day 2
Ah-HAH! You thought I wouldn't do it. Honestly, I almost forgot. But that's because I have a memory like a... uh... you know, one of those things with the little holes, you drain pasta in it...

But I digress. I did remember, and here it is: DAY TWO.

From Peregryn (via Ashes)

So she's wagging her tongue and she leans over, and he's wagging his tongue and they look very cute, and it's nice, and George leans over and very slowly reaches out and sticks her tongue in his eye. And he doesn't move. Mom and I go, "GEORGE!" and she gives us the classic "What?" expression.

From Gloamling (via Dryad)

Bed. I should go to bed. I'm seeing flying dogs. Except that that's because the dog is repatedly leaping in the air.

From Mireillie (via Merilily)

As I poured water over her tail and her dainty bits, the faintest expression of alarm dawned on her furry face.

When I rubbed in the shampoo and washed her tail and dainty bits, she looked up at me, betrayed again. Then she whined, as if to say, "Et tu, Mommy? First the vet, and now you?"

I'm guessing this would be confusing to a puppy. You know, how her vet and her mom seem obsessed with doing things to her butt area but never ever sniff it.

From Grrim (via Hemlock)

I'm convinced a gang of alien children found the remote control to my brain in some remote junkyard and are in the process of poking it with a stick.

From DanaElayne (via an anonymous person)

I didn't say that this diary was going to be a three ring circus. I think we're down to one ring here and the clown's drunk and the tigers are gumming their meat.

From Stuby13 (via PatnMax)

When we left the bar, I asked QS if he would mind driving, as I was a little tipsy. I almost died when he asked me if R meant "rewind" (I think he meant reverse). I know that QS doesn’t drive much but I thought he must have been kidding. That was until he asked what the D stood for. QS, that means fast forward.