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2001-08-09 - 4:40 p.m.

Five in Five: Day 4
Now it's definitely Thursday. Which is nice, since it Feels Like Wednesday, and everybody knows that's almost like getting a day off work!

What do you mean, no it's not? I do not need to get out more. Hush.

From ZenPervert (via PartyGirl)

Maybe I never realized how lucky I was and am to have grown up in such a sterile town. So "white picket fence like" you would puke. But I want my daughter to grow up here. You can leave your car unlocked here. And I believe I can grow a happy, healthy girl in this place. I hope so.

From Weetabix (via someone whose name I lost)

That type of movie does not exactly benefit from the wide screen status nor the enhanced digital picture and sound. It's like having a Mötley Crüe CD. Why? What subtle nuances would you miss on a tape?

From Smartie6903 (via Seregil)

If I had not have seen in her profile that she was 17, I would have thought she was some scholar in their mid-fourties just coming back from her trip in Tibet, where she learned the meaning of life and that the chicken actually came first.

From Xaica (via PixieDust)

We went on Aerosmith's Rock n Rollercoaster too. Which is just this inside rollercoaster that plays Aerosmith tunes while you ride. Which means you don't even have to scream because they already do it for you!

From JacksonPritt (via Top5)

AND, wonder of wonders, I now have what is officially The Hottest TA On Earth in my DES013 class. I've had cute TAs before, but this one totally takes the cake, and the plate, and most of the good silverware to boot.

From Scout177 (via Uncnditional)

"Hi!" I said. With the exclamation point, even. He still looked, frowning. "I have your new phone books!"

With that, everyone I met lit up. It was like I was a tooth fairy for grown ups. I am the guy who comes to your house and gives you free things. And I give you as many free things as you want. If you are at home when the phone book man comes, jump for joy, because if you want 18 phone books he will give them to you. I will give them to you. I am on a crusade to get a phone book in the hand of every man, woman and child.