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2001-08-10 - 3:30 p.m.

Five in Five: Day 5
Well, I'm still having trouble with my spiffy new automatic-big-list generator, so you'll have to wait a bit for that. But, as promised, a fifth Quoted for your quotalicious week.

From BanSporks (via an anonymous person)

it was once said, "i am a vegetarian not because i love animals, but because i hate vegetables."

i am a cannibal for that very same reason.

From Jeffy (via Coffeebitch)

I was inexplicably tired at work today. I kind of wanted to use toothpicks to prop open my eyelids like they do in old timey cartoons, but ever since that incident with the anvil, I've stopped turning to cartoons for advice.

From TrickyKid (via AllThings)

Quote of the day: "Don't tell your mother, but I bought a hearse." - my dad.

From J-Money (via Bluelights)

if you're fat and old, admit that you're fat and old. wear shirts, not baby oil. please.

From Hodgson (via TurnedPages)

When did I become such an old fart? I used to be able to operate on 3 hours sleep with no worries. Sleeping and eating are really cutting in to my masturbation/hacking/music time, and it's beginning to make me a bit testy.

From Lisse (via SoCalled)

Suddenly, a disco light came on. The whole bowling alley filled up with flourescent and moving lights.

And a stereo system blasted N'Sync.

The other counselors, who were around my age, rolled their eyes and grumbled about how sick they were of boy bands and Top Forty pop music.

Me? I danced in the alleys with fifty kids, learning the choreography to "Bye Bye Bye" from seven-year-olds.