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2001-08-16 - 4:53 p.m.

I go, I come back
Hm, that was kind of odd. In my real-life diary, notes were turned off. That's fine, I've got a guestbook, right? But I thought maybe I should come here and turn notes on. And I find that not only are they on, but I already have some. Hey, nifty.

Still. I've already got a guestbook. Courtesy of the mighty and benevolent Andrew. So I've got to say... I'm confused?

Anyway, no, I wasn't really going to leave you all week with no update. That would be kinda sucky. Especially since the backlog is creeping up again...

So here you go.

From Methybeth (via Waterbelle)

I think it's healthy and admirable to embrace one's inner dork, but this has gone too far. I have embraced my inner dork, taken it to a candlelight dinner, made insincere small talk with it, copped a quick feel, gotten slapped, and am now standing on my inner dork's darkened porch, horny and alone, wondering what went wrong.

From SaveCraig (via Eebee)

sometimes I feel like I've landed on the planet of the apes, or in my case, the office of the morons.
I ask one of the locals "how did these lawyers get like this?", the response "how else would they act?"

From SilverMaiden (via VirginMary)

I don't have the metaphorical tissue-paper dog's chance of catching the asbestos cat in hell of actually getting accepted to such a school.

From JamesDee1 (via Vex)

I just saw a T-shirt that read, "Wanna Get High? Take a Hit of This" with a picture of a bible beneath. And itís so true. Sometimes Iíll read Leviticus and then throw on some headphones and listen to my Floyd records and just space out for awhile... One weekend we didnít have any bible around because this go-to guy I know who usually hooks up with some wicked shit Ė like pure Revelations laced with Psalms Ė was away. Anyway, there was this wicked party and we wanted something but we couldnít get any of the good bible shit so we had to settle and read these fridge magnets with spiritual sayings on them... I got a little bit off them but not too much.

From Plume (via an anonymous person)

I hate life. It's a stupid concept.
I mean on paper it sounds nice. But it'd never work in reality.