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2001-08-24 - 12:53 p.m.

Only the Cool Kids Have Gold Memberships
Now I've got TWO Diaryland Gold Memberships, and you-uuu do-ooon't. Unless you're one of the cool kids like me. And then you do.

Also, I have a spider jumping across my desk. Hopefully you don't have one of those.

So if you haven't signed up yet, I'm still recommending it. So nice, I did it twice!

And if you don't, I'm sending you this spider. So there.

From RubyBlueBird (via AstraLounge)

okay, i admit, i already did this. i murdered thousands or possibly even millions of ants in my own home. what can i say, i hate them! i've tried talking to them, asking, pleading, threatening. putting food out just for them at the back of the yard. erecting an ant deity on the little altar on my mantel, to hear their concerns and intercede for them in ways that don't involve a parade across my kitchen.

From In-Disguise (via Liz7532)

So for her birthday, among the many other things, my sister received a 'miniature water garden.'
Whoever works in marketing at that company is brilliant. The 'miniature water garden' was a plastic tub that held maybe 5 teaspoons of water and came with 6 white rocks. It also had a pipe attached to it and a hand pump. So when you squeeze the hand pump, it sounds like a frog burping.

From LarrieLou (via Lisa)

I came so close to saying to him "so, do you want to see a movie with me sometime?", until my brain kicked me in the shins, hissing "Dude, he works in a video store."

From Ktothac (via Dirk)

And this past Friday and Saturday night, (could i be more repetitive?) it was storming, like, hurricane Stan storming or something. And so I guess people in this town think that the world is coming to an end when it rains and that they'd better run out and get the last copy of Castaway off of the shelf so they can die happy before everything crumbles and the earth is sucked into oblivion.

From TurtleGuy (via Pischina)

I have held an amputated human leg in my hands, and you (probably) haven't. So, there.