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2001-09-07 - 3:10 p.m.

Well, it doesn't have a theme...
Today I felt like doing a bunch of quotes that were from people in pain, because my heel hurts. Then I decided that was dumb, but I figured I'd tell you anyway in case you were laboring under the delusion that I had, you know, taste.

So here's today's entry...

From Elisidan (via Enlightened)

I cannot convince myself to believe in a "soul mate" Because if I did, I would inevitably convince myself that they were dead. And I don't think I could go through that.

From Brigadier (via Jean-Francios without a diary)

To tell the truth, I wouldn't feel the least bit sorry if he got run over by a car just now. This is because I'm a hateful person, and I love myself for that.

From TrickyKid (via AllThings)

Had I a semi-automatic weapon, a splintered club, or a tractor trailer full of flesh eating robots, vast numbers of citizens would have been slaughtered in merely the last hour.
Sadly, for me anyway, the illegality of killing people is less of a deterrent than the unavailablity of suitable weapons.

From Tobosoqueso (via SpaceMuppet)

It struck me as odd that I'm popular when I'm not trying to be. In fact, I don't like being popular...but I'll take it if it means free pizza.

From CaronBlocks (via someone you don't know)

I never really believed in seasons before moving here to Germany. Having lived in Texas all my life, I really thought that all those children's books about the seasons were just exaggeration - a way to make it seem like time was passing, an excuse to get new clothes, a soundtrack to the year, fairytales.