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2001-10-19 - 5:48 p.m.

Cannibalism and Muppets
Ok, I'd just like to share this:

Folder Quotes is Empty!  WHOOOO!

The last time I saw that is... uh... I couldn't even tell you when. More days ago than I can count. Probably January.

The other thing is, I can't believe how incredibly lazy I am. I finally wrote the teensy piece that would generate the Big Lists for me automatically. Know how long it took? .8 seconds. Two months and .8 seconds, if you count the time I spent sitting around thinking, gee, I should really get to that one of these days. So the Big List is updated, or will be in a few minutes, anyway. Whoo.

And the third thing is that I really wanted to make this an all-cannibalism entry, but then it would have been really short, so now it's cannibals and muppets sharing the spotlight. Hey, it amused me.

From Helb (via Ric)

Yesterday I was in the computer room and intending to go to the library after I had eaten something, but there was nothing to eat all over campus apart from some very dubious looking baguettes and a few Open University students, which I don't normally eat. So I went home.

From Chartreuse (via Fsck)

i've wondered before what idiots taste like. i think they would be softer and easier to tear through than intelligent people. like veal. tender, stupid meat.

From GoDeeper (via someone anonymous)

He'd make a really good tour guide if he didn't eat your brain.

From Arriyah (via someone with no diary)

He's like McDonald's fries: hot & tasty, but the grease just lingers a little too long.

From BoyMonkey (via Adwhore)

i have a whole shitload of stuff i want to write about. i'm all backed up because my current life schedule is full of school, work, blatantly failing to be vegan, masturbating vigorously, and overusing the word 'muppet'.

From Kerykes (via PLF)

But I saw something that was almost a rainbow. And that makes me feel a little like a muppet.