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2001-10-23 - 3:59 p.m.

Sheer Boredom
I'm thinking, hey, I don't have time for another game of Scrabble... don't really have time to get any work done, or rather, I AM getting work done, but it's all "waiting for the computer to finish doing its thing" kind of work, so there's not much I can do except cheer it on from the sidelines... And then I thought, hey, I'll update Quoted.

Is it time for my bath yet?

From Szheelbear (via Jezebel33)

i am trying to build a world that respects reality and doesn't worship at the feet of fantasy.

From DirtGuy150 (via someone anonymous)

I prefer to pray in the silence of my mind. The only problem is lately my mind has not been so quiet...........

From Kissed (via Uncnditional)

the lift they have here at 'hotel international' where i spend my italian nights is worringly made by a company called 'scam'. perhaps i should start taking the stairs.

From Enemy (via Ramanda)

today, every time i approached a bus stop, my bus would insantly arrive.
this makes me nervous.
when ever the universe makes things easy on me, i get suspicious of its motivations.

From Tinkerbell93 (via FireFleyes)

I don't want to become one of those old women who sits on her porch with a martini and a cigarrette throwing cats at people when they walk by.