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2001-10-31 - 3:23 p.m.

Happy VTRPPHSIO31 Day!
Well, I was going to do a very special theme day, because FadeIn asked me to. And, hey, I like theme days. Themes are fun. One of his suggestions was "pornography", and dude, if there's one thing people like to write about in their diaries, it's pornography. So that should have been easy, right?

Haha. I failed miserably in my quest. So today is "Very-Tangentally-Related-To-Pornography-or-Possibly-Halloween-Since-it-is-Indeed-October-31 Day" - happy VTRPPHSIO31 Day!

From Daath

A tie, in my opinion, is a cheap sex prop used by femme-fatale softcore actresses and businessmen, who are by and large whores after a different fashion.

From Sip-Melonade (via Sunnychick)

Birth: Miracle or first introduction to pornography?

From Jamiestar (via Belle)

Don't you hate it when the Woody Woodpecker costume is actually a Pervert Container?

From Slovenly (via Haikuboy)

i'm going to get probed at the doctor's tomorrow. i'm trying to make light of the subject by thinking of it as some sort of alien abduction thing... not to say that that would be more fun than getting probed by a human, but what the hell.

From Pigulet

Watch out for Christmas. If it doesn't move, it gets lit up and tinseled and it has shiny balls hung from wherever they can be hung.