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2001-11-14 - 2:35 p.m.

Today is not the most coordinated of days. I just started to post our organization's newsletter, because it kinda looks like my page of quotes, and then when I did find the actual page, I realized that I have an excellent Halloween quote and now it's almost Thanksgiving. Poo. Well, hey, consider me your antidote for the over-christmasization of the entire fall/winter season. (If I can make my birthday last a whole month, giving Halloween a couple of extra weeks should be no problem, right?)

From Lola_B

Well, well. I can't believe it's almost Halloween. I used to think Halloween was a religious holiday. In elementary school, we said the Lord's Prayer every day, and I thought it was:

Our Father, Who Art in Heaven,

Halloween thy Name.

From Polly8194 (via Legallynsane)

Oh and then i was looking in my little sisters magazine, and there was this page in there, "Punk gets PREPPY: How to be a rocker even if you dont know who the Sex Pistols are"
i hung it up on my wall.

From PoorlyDrawn (via ZeroGirl)

Sidewalk outside of Seattle Center:
"Hey, do you have a cigarette?"
"No, sorry, we don't smoke."
"Rock on. Good for you. ... Do you have a joint?"

From Dependant (via BlondeInside)

Ever feel like your computer is laughing at you?

Currently mine actually is. Somehow i scewed up real player during a song that had laughing so now my computer is saying

"yea-eh-eh, ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha...yea-eh-eh, ha ha ha ha"

And so on. Personally i don't think its a fault of the program i think the computer is just getting its own back for when i fell over the chair and into the computer.

From Pischina (via ItsMyLife)

But anyway, while I was standing in line, the lady in front of me had only two items on the little conveyor belt thingie. Trojans, and a Pregnancy Test. I don't know, does that make any sense to you? I mean, if the test comes out positive, you just wasted a bunch of money on the Rubbers, right?