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2001-12-04 - 3:15 p.m.

It's For a Good Cause
Hey, you know I'm always willing to plug a worthy (or at least interesting) cause...

Diaryland Design Auction

It's an original idea, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

And you know, the problem with finally getting everything all organized and ready to go is that now I have a whole bunch of quotes that I want to use all today. Sure, I could solve the problem by updating more often, but what would be the fun in that?

From GenieAlisa (sent by SnideGrrl)

So now that I'm paying $27.68 per month for pills instead of my $10 copay, I told Sweetpea that we need to be having a lot more sex now to get our money's worth. 177% more sex, in fact.

From Fionakator (sent by Sundaygirl)

I need a hand massage and a back massage and a scalp massage and a elf to clean my apartment.

From Dizboy (sent by Valerian)

I was walking through the mall on my lunch break, when I'm rounding a corner, and through the shop window I what I believe to be a very cute boy heading toward me. Senses heightened, and ready to flirt, he mysteriously disappears, and I realize I had been flirting with my own reflection in an angled window mirror.

From MeganLaLa (sent by Idlechic)

i have to tell you, on the skybus on the way from the airport, the sexiest sounding american man sat behind me, brokering international deals on his mobile.

in the space of that fifteen minute bus ride, we'd met, married and moved to the states.

and then, i saw him, and we divorced promptly.

From TheDiastema (sent by too many people to list. Seriously. I think everyone who read this entry sent it in.)

Discovering there was actually a shower taking place outside, I smiled, and proceeded to jam large globules of white petrolatum up my nose like a badly confused junkie.

Today, to my delight, my inner nasal tissues were moist and supple to a near-pornographic extent, but because of this, the blood in my nose had never had the opportunity to coagulate, and thus clotting had never taken place; ergo, I still had a nosebleed when I woke up this afternoon.

I cannot win.

From Iefow (sent by Darklily)

Should all the non-pornografic diaries at this site unite? The four of us could play poker or something.