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2001-12-06 - 12:50 p.m.

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
Three cheers for having good music in my office again! Yippee!

(Yeah, that was only one cheer. Do I have to do everything around here?)

And, hey, regular updating. That's a good thing too.

Here's a stupid thing - I screwed up the link to the Auction thingy in my last entry, so that was pretty useless as a plug. Here's the banner again, with an ACTUAL WORKING LINK~! this time. (Dur.)

Diaryland Design Auction

From FiveSugars (sent by Kaleid)

I'm too hard to get to know. I wear my heart on my sleeve but there's a heavy leather coat on top of it.

From Eon (sent by Flamedancer)

It really doesn't help when your heart goes out of state, and I am leaving that clause in there, purely because I am suddenly in awe of my ability to write 80's soft-rock lyrics.

From Abortedfetus (sent by Pillowfight and Turnaway)

one night stands are healthy for everyone. it eliminates that awkward part of the relationship known as the relationship.

From Girls-Suck (sent by someone anonymous)

Girls can't take an insult, and guys can't take a compliment. Or maybe I'm just a really, really bad conversationalist.

From qt-pie (sent by someone anonymous)

I feel like I'm going to explode. Ever since I decided to talk to him, I've had those butterflies in your stomach. Only mine are like killer butterflies and they're gonna burst out soon. Hmmm... maybe it's better I didn't do it face to face, I wouldn't want to get butterfly gunk on him.