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2001-12-11 - 4:01 p.m.

Quick and Dirty, Just Like Me
Well, since I can't do my JOB, since I'm waiting for my boss to give me the urgent thing that needs to be done, hey, I might as well update here, right?

From RantOfTheDay (sent by SpamDoll)

I go in wanting a Coke and some fries, not a religious message staring me in the face.

What's next???

"Would you like God with that?"

From KCMC (sent by Vlamidala)

I don't think McDonald's noticed that they gave me only five chicken McNuggets instead of six. They're just a bunch of McAssholes.

From Binx (sent by Haptotrope)

this is the bumper sticker i want:

Remember how polite you were on September 12th?

Then why are you being such an asshole now?

this came to me as a woman in a volvo sedan, festooned with American Flags almost ran into the side of my car in a rotary.

From AndSheWas (sent by TheDiastema)

Tonight, I took over an hour to compose one email. I know what I should have done rather than wasting all that time. I should have taken a picutre of my middle finger, scanned it, and sent it as an attachment. SO much time would have been saved.

From Slovenly (sent by Haikuboy)

i passed by a dead rabbit on the way to work today. i thought about skinning it and stuff, saving the fur, and then eventually collecting enough dead rabbits from the side of the road to make a cruelty-free fur jacket. but of course i didn't really want to do that, i was just thinking about it.

From Neko-Girl (sent by someone anonymous)

my car looked like the hand of God came down and bitch slapped it for not calling him Daddy.