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2002-01-14 - 3:46 p.m.

Vacation? What vacation? No, I've been right here...
Yes, I'm back. Sorry for the much-longer-than-intended vacation. I was at least comforting myself with Tomato Nation's sorry lack of updates, but then she went and updated on me, so really, I've got no excuse now.

A bigger update is in the works; for now, here are some quotes.

From Pablo

After heaving around a mobile phone that had much in common with those wind-up ones they used in the trenches in the Great War, I finally qualified for my free upgrade to one the size (and colour) of a discreet female hygiene product that doesn’t inhibit your ability to abseil or ski off-piste.

From Posiemillay (sent by TheShivers)

In case you haven't noticed, money burns holes in my pockets. In fact, it burns such a hole in my pocket I have third degree burn scars on my ass from my wallet catching aflame and torching me like a kabob on the grill.

From PhoenixChild (sent by Shetgawab)

Do you ever get that thing sometimes where you realize you've been taken something for granted for as long as you've had it but you suddenly realize what a miracle it is? Do you ever get that thing where you realize there is an ant crawling on your speaker?

From Girl101 (sent by BlondeFox)

i have a love / hate relationship with my memories.

From PlanitClare (sent by Anastrianna) do you know you're alive if you don't stop to hear the world breathe?

From Essej (sent by Haikuboy)

you know, i fall in love too damned easy, all things considered. but i still maintain that it's better than falling in love too difficultly.

From Psianina (sent by Angel-Sin)

Today I came up with a brilliant name for a lawn mower: GRASS KICKER.