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2002-01-15 - 3:47 p.m.

The Caps RULE, man.
So, uh, how about them Caps? Heard they won again last night. Um, whoo, and stuff.

(Who, me? Lacking for something to say? Never. I'm just, uh, a little out of practice. Yeah, that's it.)

From Mattu (sent by someone anonymous)

And in the male sample package there were free condoms. Who would use a free sample like that? I mean, I would want to invest something in a product like that, you know? It's like having someone say to you before you go sky diving, "Oh, try out this new rubber parachute! It's free!"

From Mysteria (sent by someone whose name I lost, sorry...)

So I'm bopping down towards 86th Street on my way back to work, and I see folks with a cart of Diet Coke With Lemon, that drink that I've been afraid to actually try because who the hell wants lemon in a drink that already contains citric acid? What is this, a race to see who can corrode their enamel off their teeth fastest? Anyway, they're saying it's free and handing it out, so I take one off their hands. Then I think to myself, "Hmm. In a city completely looney-tunes about anthrax, there sure are a lot of people accepting free Diet Coke With Lemon from these total strangers..."
So if you hear about a mass anthrax outbreak in the next couple of days, blame the Diet Coke folks.

From Narcissa (sent by Dee with no diary)

The Ani and Tori were a given (givyn?). However, Ani is cancelled out by eminem, giving the lilith fair crew an unexpectedly low score of 1.

From Adambesme (sent by Oddcellist)

Have you ever seen a commercial for the Paula Abdul greatest hits album, and sang along to every single song clip, then wondered why the hell you know so many Paula Abdul songs, and who even knew that she had that many hit singles, and you find yourself in your bedroom singing "Rush, Rush" at three in the morning.

Oh, right. Me neither.

From Coffeeboy (sent by Sageadvice)

i do sometimes feel alone. but it's generally when i'm alone, so that kind of makes sense.

From IHateRain (sent by Psianina)

Better yet, just send me mail no matter how much you read. I like mail. It's almost like having friends!

From Cometle0pa (sent by Carlos with no diary)

That's why I love my grandmother. She wants a male harem and her main man would be a fat guy named Ronan with no legs.