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21-Feb-2002 - Afternoonish

So Confused
Man, there's nothing like a Monday off to throw off my whole week. What is today, anyway? Saturday? Good, I'm going home.

From Patnmax (sent by Jessyca with no diary>)

How much would it take to make out with the prime minister? I said 20$ but thinking about it now I'd do it for free. It would make for some great small talk.

"Beautiful weather eh? Speaking of weather, I frenched the Prime Minister."

From Sa-Land (sent by M0ok)

I think cynicism is the natural reaction of a romanticist to an overdose of reality.

From MrGone (sent by RavenGreen)

Realism is a cancer. It forces you to break things down, to look at what is really important, to see what is really there. I guess it isnít a cancer, but a hammer, destroying what you think to be complex and significant, and turning it into little pieces that mean nothing.

From Ryo-ohki (sent by Pantherchild)

I know the average reader doesn't have much of a say in this, but that makes it more fun. It's like a goofy dictatorship run by a presumably rabid teenaged girl.

The power of diaries is intoxicating.

From Holyrood (sent by Rabbet)

plus i have a crush on one of the other robots. i don't think he's a robot in real life though. such a pity.he is a socialist, though. and if you can't be a robot, i guess that is the next best thing.

From JustDeal (sent by Jacquelin)

Objective: Harness the power of the universe and use that power to take over the Earth. Following that, the people of the world will be forced to pledge allegiance to my godlike presence. A 1000 years of peace and prosperity will follow, as the world becomes a modern utopia. Space travel will become commonplace and mankind will proliferate throughout the galaxy. Humans will bring the word of my greatness to distant worlds, and eventually my name will be praised from one end of the universe to the other. I will have become God. Failing all that, I'll just try to make it to more status meetings.