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28-Feb-2002 - afternoonish

Today is Thursday
Yay, an update!

From Un-Bad (sent by JackViolent)

You know I don't really have much going for me besides bitterness cynicism and my rack. Well, except maybe my absurdly inaccurate brain waves and ability to kill spiders quickly efficiently and while screaming bloody murder. But it's mostly my bitterness and my rack.

From Peper (sent by Waterstain)

I'm not really like that. I'm very cool. But the prob is that i'm the only one that notices.

From Dizboy (sent by an anonymous person)

Walking around school today with my tight black button up shirt, hip- hugger khakis, and large-framed Versace glasses, adorned with the trademark Medusas, I couldn't help but think to myself...
"Wow...I must be the gayest person on the planet."
Then I got home, and saw the Christopher Lowell Show, which I've heard about, but had never actually seen, prompting me to think...
"Whooooa...second gayest John, second..."

From Praetorian (sent by CLCassius)

I don't wanna be a math nerd. I'm happy now just being a dork of all trades.

From Tashkent (sent by CLCassius)

The fertile heart of Central Asia is kind of depressing in the winter. I bet Ferghana is gorgeous in the middle of the growing season, but at the moment itís just flat and gray. Right now, I feel like Ferghana in the winter. I have the capacity to be vibrant, but I currently bear a strong resemblance to babaghanoush.

From TheDiastema (sent by Get-A-Grip)

I want to be somebody's second banana, somebody's left arm. I want to be the Supreme who had a big fight with Diana Ross and then kicked the bucket. I want to be the grocery clerk buttshotting the camera until I'm finally cued to recite my one line, trying my best to look as if I've not been waiting all day to tell Tom Selleck where the infant formula is. I want to be a second-tier star without object permanence.
I want to be the world's least memorable soubrette.