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1-March-2002 - 4ish

Can I be serious for a moment?
If I told you I was walking 60 miles in three days to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness, would you give me $2?

May 3-5, I will be walking from Baltimore to DC in the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day. I've been spending every weekend since September training, because I think it's worth it. I've walked hundreds of miles so far, and I'll walk a couple hundred more before the event. Besides the physical part, though, there's the fundraising. To participate, we all commit to raising $1900 for the cause.

That's a lot of money. But if every person who read this website donated just $2, I'd exceed that goal by $100. Two dollars doesn't even buy a cappucino - but it could help save someone's life.

I realize not everyone's going to donate. So I'm going to ask those of you who are to take a look around - do you have a mom? Put in $2 for her. A girlfriend? Sister? Aunt? Throw in $2 for them. Don't like girls? Remember that men get breast cancer too, and are a lot less likely to know about it. Put in $2 for your dad. Walk around school at lunch one day and see how many of your friends would be willing to donate $2, and toss that in too. When you're ready, you can donate right online in just a couple of minutes.

What I'll do: along with the regular Quoteds, every Thursday from now until the week before the event I'll update with a note on how much we've raised so far. If you donate, drop me a note about why and I'll feature it on here. (You'll have to put your name on it, because while I know that YOU wouldn't try to take credit for a donation you didn't make, there are a lot of creeps out there on the Internet, and you can never be too careful. I'm not going to sell it to anyone or print it here or anything stupid like that. Once I've matched it to a donor name, I'll delete it and forget I ever read it.) Of course, everyone who donates gets an old fashioned, hand-written thank you note.

To donate, just go here. (New, improved, WORKING link!) The event is Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day Washington, D.C. 2002, and my walker number is 2038. If you'd prefer, you can print out a form and mail it in. Please be aware that it takes a couple of days for me to find out about online donations, and a couple of WEEKS for mailed-in donations to get counted.

Have questions about the event? You can visit the official website or email me.

Deadline for mailed donations is March 15th, and online donations is April 15th, so, hey, why not do it now and get it out of the way?

From Spikyhead (sent by Wonderwall)

i want to create my own personal holidays, i want everyone to create their own personal holidays. i want to go to first kiss parades, sudden realization dances and not be the only one there.

From Solipsistic (sent by Planitclare)

You don't have to be pretty to be beautiful.

From Junkboxx (sent by JustJones)

I think I took too much cold medicine. It's making me too honest.