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4-April-2002 - afternoon

Update, part II
The second half of yesterday's entry...

Jenga21 writes, "I donated to your cause because I wanted to do something for a good, positive cause. I like to complain about the war, pollution and other negative things, so I decided to do something positive this time. Thanks for doing the walk!"

Sadmonkey writes, "My Mom got breast cancer in the summer of 1977. I don't remember it at all, only turning 4 that same year. My brothers, 7 and 9 at the time, were sheltered from the situation as well. I think more than fearing for her own life, my Mom was afraid to leave behind her husband to raise their three sons without her. She was able to beat out the disease, but not without a double mastectomy, and from that point she was always very involved in cancer support groups. She viewed her remission as a second lease on life and both her and my Dad recentered their lives around the family. In 1987, she contracted cancer again--this time ovarian. She fought as hard as she could, but the treatments and her strength could only last for so long. In November of 1991, I stood with my brothers and our Dad as we said goodbye. There's no doubt in my mind that the period between 1977 and 1991 was that much sweeter for everyone, without a moment taken for granted."

LittleAbby writes, "i know it's not much... but i know that any amount is more than none in this fight. i've seen two aunts die from breast cancer and i heartily applaud all who fight it--including those of us that just donate, rather than search for cures. kudos to you for supporting and i hope that i've made a difference."

LilMissAlien writes, "In 1981 my Grandma died of Breast cancer just weeks after her 60th birthday. On the day of her funeral my Mum found out she was pregnant with me. If it hadn't of been for breast cancer I may have had some time with her. Over the next few years 2 of her sisters also died of breat cancer.

I'm now 20 and whilst I can't yet fundraise for breast cancer (I am disabled by ME/CFIDS and campaing for that when well enough) I donate money wherever possible... I want there to be as much money for research as possible because my mother, sister and I are at a very high risk. I don't want them to suffer as my Grandma and her sisters did. I don't want anyone to suffer from it anymore. Not now that a possible cure is getting closer every day."

Mittens02 writes, "This is a really great thing you're doing. My great-grandma had breast cancer, but beat it. My aunt had breast cancer 3 years ago. It spread to the sac around her lungs last year, and then finally to her brain right before Christmas. They're giving her about 7 months to live. I just hope with all the money that you raise, that they'll be able to make chemo and radiation less painful. It's awful watching her get sick and lose her hair, not to mention her gray complection. "I love you" for what you are doing, and I think it is really awesome. I wish they would do something like that around here, but AR is so small. Keep saving lives darlin!!!"

From FuzzMom (sent by Lokki)

I don't know why so many people get so freaked out about interracial relationships like the one in the film. If someone is the kind of person inside that you want to be with, then who really gives a damn what's on the outside? Sheesh, people. Life is complicated enough without worrying about whether your love life fits into the little pigeonhole you've set aside for it. Just shut up and live it.

From Awel (sent by Mhari)

I want the One Ring. Except it's 82 euros.

From LittleLucey (sent by JustJones)

It takes too much coordination to drive and flex your butt muscles though. If you see my car on the side of the road all crashed in and shit, you know I was doing butt scrunches.

From Bigglesworth (sent by Astera)

Today I used my thumb and pointer finger and sort of grabbed that little hangie ball thing in the back of my throat. You'd be surprised how long you can stretch that thing.

From Livlee (sent by anonymous Sam)

I maintain that Survivor was the best concept ever thought of for prime time television. Who doesn't want to see a bunch of Americans thrown together, to starve and endure physical and mental torture? Everybody wins!