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2005-09-20 - 4:04 p.m.

Exploring The Chaos

I finished about half of the data transfer for the new Quoted Big List. Of course, the part I finished is the earlier half of the list. This means if any of you want to look up broken Diaryland member links from four or five years back, I have provided you with the technology to do so. Lucky, lucky you.

But seriously, the final Big List should be finished in another week or so.

I spent a little bit of time going through random diaries these last few days. You never really know what you are going to link into when you pick names at random. I found some good sites. I found some not-so-good sites. I even came across a couple of porn diaries. Sorry, that last part was a bad choice of words.

I am still having a bit of trouble with the notify list, so if you are on the notify list, I am working on it. Also, if you are on the notify list, you are probably not reading this because you haven't been notified of the, there's that then.

I will be out of town tomorrow through Sunday, so please keep sending in those quotes. The old quoted email is filled to the brim with Spam, so I am using a new email address, presented to you in a nice, non-scannable, non-Spam-able graphic. Here is it:

If you have a quote you would like to submit, please send the following information:

The quote
Name or user name of the diary you are quoting
Full URL of the entry where the quote resides (e.g.
Your name or user name
URL of your diary or site

And now, some semi-orderly quotes dredged up from the mad chaos:

From Mindfluff

i don't know why anybody bothers dieting when all you have to do to get a completely flat stomach is drink 3 bottles of wine and throw it up.

From Riveter Girl

Does the toe that resides next to the pinkie toe have a name? There’s the big toe and the pinkie toe. What about the other three? Are they relegated to a life of being lumped together as the middle toes?

How sad for the middle toes.

From Saru-san (Sent by Mommylap):

I saw a sign at a restaurant that said, "Breakfast All Day" and I thought, "That's a good idea." So I had an omelette for lunch and cereal for dinner. Of course, I skipped breakfast.

From Ursamajor (Sent by Going Loopy):

[Regarding President Bush...]

He convinced you that he's all about being a regular guy just like you, as long as we don't talk about the fact that he was born in an East Coast family of enormous wealth and privilege, comprised of former, current and future Governors, Presidents and Senators and later legacied into Ivy League schools where he was flown at times to Washington DC for dates with the then President's daughter, was given companies to run into the ground by his daddy and was able to fudge his way out of National Guard duty... just like you.

From Trancejen (Sent by Giallo):

Generally I date people who have been in therapy, who should be in therapy, or who probably will be in therapy after dealing with my ridiculous self before very long. Mr. Tall is pretty damned grounded. I cannot tell you how refreshing I find the lack of passive-aggressive ping-pong and general mind fuckage that I had honestly grown to believe was an integral part of dating in this day and age.