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2003-04-01 - 7:00 p.m.

Viva La Quotocracy
So here's the thing...

I just renewed the Diaryland Gold membership for Quoted and it's got some banner ads to use up. Currently, I'm running the Quoted Original banner, as seen here:

But I thought I'd open it up to you guys. I know that there are some incredibly talented people out there... hell, that's the whole point of Quoted in the first place, right? I would like to announce a Quoted Banner Ad contest.

What's that you say? "Banner Ad Contest??? Oh sure, we make our beyootiful little 468 pixel by 60 pixel graphics and you get all the glory and clickage. Bah! "

Don't "Bah" at people. It's not polite. ("Gah" on the other hand, is something else entirely... ahem)

Here's the scoop. Send your completed graphics (in .jpg or .gif formats only please) to with the subject line BANNER AD CONTEST (I've been getting beaucoup amounts of spam at the Quoted email account and don't want to accidentally delete your submission.) by April 15th. The banners should advertise QUOTED or be somehow Quoted related. I will select somewhere between five and eight finalists and run them for 1500 views on Diaryland/Pitas/Wherever Else They Go. Whichever banner gets the most hits will be declared the Winner.

And there are perks of being a Winner, baby. Just ask that guy from The Pianist. (No, that doesn't mean that I'll be waiting for a kiss when you accept... sheesh)

The big perk is:

(drumroll please)

You get to do your very own entry of Quoted. That's right. You get to pick the quotes used, you can do the formatting, whatnot.* If you're at a loss for quotes, I can send you some of the quotes I've got saved in my secret little treasure box of quotes, just waiting for the right moment, but my sneaking suspicion is that you've already got the perfect little snippets in mind.

So this is your chance. Run the show for a day in exchange for some witty little banner ad.

April 15th. Go. Make. Quote.


*Now for the small print that the crack Quoted legal staff made me put in here: Finalist banners will be based upon sole discretion of judge (Weetabix). Any banner ad that is deemed offensive or really tacky will be disqualified and/or sneered at. Winner's submitted quotes must be comprised material comparable to Quoted's status quo material (ie. nothing about yucky topics or the like). And remember, this is not a democracy, it's a Quotocracy.