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2006-05-07 - 7:53 p.m.

Oh Crap, I Have To Write Another Entry

The title of this entry is "Oh Crap, I Have To Write Another Entry".

I chose this title to reflect my current mood about writing this entry.

I chose the exclamation "Oh Crap" because it reflects a slightly negative connotation, wrapped up by the surefire, zany, "laugh riot" nature of "poo poo" humor.

Any questions?

The reason I don't want to write this entry is because I am in a lazy mood on a Sunday evening.

I thought about writing an entry on having writer's block, but as we all know, writing an entry on writer block is a paradox, and creating a paradox destroys the integrity of the space-time continuum. If the universe is going to cease to exist, I don't want to be the person who typed the entry that caused the annihilation of life as we know it. I don't want to be the person who everybody is pointing their fingers at...even if those fingers are disembodied, moving at the speed of light and defying the nature laws of physics just before they disintegrate into antimatter and light without heat.

So, instead of destroying the universe, I am just going to let my lazy mood become an incredible poor segue into the weekly reader-submitted Quotes. Enjoy the quotes, and the universe, because they both are pretty cool.

From pinkraccons (Sent by gin):

The four of us went to Laura's house to watch "The History of the World Part I". I have to say, my favorite part by far was The Inquisition. There's just something about a musical number with killing heritics and syncronized swimming nuns that makes me happy inside.

From dulcibella (Sent by Anonymous):

...the email was entitled "What to do if you find a dead bird at work" - I work in an office... I have a Hitchcockian nightmare playing in my mind. One day I will be merrily going about my business in the office when a whole host of feathery fiends will fly in through an open window and give me bird flu.

From TranceJen (Sent by Gaja):

Once again I was struck by just how many weird people we had in a very small radius.

There was the psychotic, alley-wandering woman who threatened to steal my cat; her whack job son who threw a brick at my head, my drug addicted next door neighbor who threw bricks at our house, the guy that held his own kid hostage at gunpoint for a weekend, the religious nuts who would post signs that Halloween was "THE DEVILS HOLIDAY", the Greek brothers who never stopped fighting(loudly) with their father, and, of course, my unicycling, roller-skating, karate-performing, breakdancing father.

From bluerelic (Sent by Anonymous):

Last night I didn't drink or do any recreational drugs. I had Dominos Pizza instead. I may as well have done something though, because I was up till 3am with a horrible stomachache. So today I am eating it again.

From sparkspark (Sent by Blue Meany):

I just looked in the mirror, and I'm not sure how it's physically possible, but the dark circles under my eyes appear to be [extending] past the boundaries of my actual head.