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2005-09-28 - 1:02 a.m.

With A Little Help From My Friends

Well, I am back from vacation. Since I didn't have Internet access where I was, I don't have a lot of recent quotes. Fortunately, I did receive a good number of submissions, so I'm going to go with those until I can catch myself up again.

What's that I hear you saying to yourself? How do I submit a quote to quoted?

Good question. I'm glad you thought of it.

If you have a quote you would like to submit, please send the following information:

The quote
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To the following e-mail address:

In other news, Andrew fixed the e-mail and notify list problems I was having last week, so hopefully this entry will be announced correctly, then acknowledged, cherished, lamented, loved, hated, lost, battered and deep fried by all of the notify list people.

'Announced correctly' would probably be good enough for now, though.

On with the quotes:

From Chillier

In an attempt to look tanalicious for my strapless black dress I am contemplating Mystic Tan - the sprayon fake tan. I've been doing the tanning bed thing but something about coming home smelling like fried chicken is unappealing. Also, cancer.

Notice I mentioned the fried chicken thing first.

From Angel of Death (Sent by Luciab):

That series of anti-drug ads is okay, I suppose. They're not nearly as funny as the one where the stoned kids are going through the drive-through at a fast food place, and on the fourth iteration, they run over a little kid on a bicycle. That one appears to be telling us that if you get really stoned it's going to take you four tries to run over a kid, so I guess that's a sensible message.

From Bluescorpion (Sent by CLCassius):

Some days you are the top dog, some days you are one of the lower dogs, and then there are days where you are not a dog at all, but a fire hydrant waiting, asking, to be pissed on. Fortunately, today was not one of those days.

From Simplify (Sent by Pischina):

Everything in this living room is straight lines. There isn't a single curve anywhere, unless you count me when I'm napping on the sofa.

From A Witty Kitty (Sent by Uglystars):

First note to self: When cat is about to have a round of projectile vomiting, don't scream her name and cause her to gallop around the living room, leaving an 8 feet long Fancy Feast barf trail.