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2003-05-11 - 4:52 p.m.

Quoted Contest: Golf Widow
So here's the dealio on the banner ad competition, yo.

There were so many excellent banner ads that I simply could not decide. Thus, I've allowed everyone who entered play Quote-meister for an entry.

You're kicking yourself for not entering now, aren't you? See? I told you that it was way cool.

The first entry is from Golf Widow who submitted this clever little banner.

And her Quotosity follows....

From Chailife

Until you've been checked for testicular cancer on a mammogram machine, don't even speak to me about it.

From DaSauce

DaSauce reads DaSon DaSeuss
We’ve his books, by the caboose
One might/could expect
And be deemed correct
That past fly blue thoughts
As shit blasts through goose.

From Dumbgenius

Perhaps my biggest pet peeve is seeing long-term plans shot to hell.

Don't get me wrong; I get rather bitter, too, when short term plans are destroyed.

From Frazzled-Imp

It was a slow and sluggish weekend.

I think that could be the first sentence in the story of my life.

From Jehsika

If you say the word box enough times it starts to lose any meaning and becomes just an odd sound.

From Katehackett

My day is completely made. I got to write about poo in an AP prompt. Of course, I used the AP word for poo, but I talked about poo nonetheless for at LEAST two sentences during said exam.

From L-Empress

... Dubya and the Psychophants is a good name for a band…

From Pirategirl

Don't get me wrong, I have tons of respect for the bagpipe. I've even got some Scottish somewhere ... However, cool as it can be when used in Dropkick Murphys songs, it does kind of sound like someone's got the cat stuck in a vacuum cleaner.

From Quietflames

Let's all wait for the pop. *What pop?* The sound her head makes when she pulls it out of her ass ....

From Simon-lagrue

There's only one thing better than someone saying "SHIT" on live TV, and that's when it's totally deserved.

From Tattodnanny

Legalize marajuana ... and then changing the spelling so I might have a chance.

From Weetabix

Someone needs to tell my mother-in-law that when the angel rolled back the stone and Jesus rose forth, it was not to spread the word of pineapple fluff salad with sugar-coated pretzel bits mixed in for texture and coated with very possibly pure lard.