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2003-07-03 - 5:21 p.m.

Another Guest Entry from the Widow
GolfWidow succumbed to my begging for her l33t html skills and updated the Big List page for me. I'm currently in the process of removing the dead links, but it's amazing to see how Quoted has become sort of a newsreel of Diaryland. So many diaries have gone to the big 404 error in the sky, but yet a piece of them remain here. Ok, now I'm getting all misty for over a bunch of dead links. But seriously, go check out the second half of the Big List. It's like a graveyard. And I'll try to not let Quoted languish so often between updates so that we start filling up the Big List with more live links, but it IS a lot of work. Also, the Quoted email account gets about a hundred pieces of spam a day, so if you sent in a suggestion, please make sure to label it clearly in the subject line, since I take a blunt hand at deleting en masse and I might accidentally delete your email.

So, as a thank you for doing all of that admin stuff for me, I've taken even more advantage of Golf Widow and asked her to have at it for another round of Quoter For A Day. Because oh yes, I can be bought. And here it is.

From Drhead

If you look into my eyes you'll see television static.

From Gargy

My radio show has moved timeslots! Now we're on from 10pm-12am on Wednesday night, which is a HUGE improvement on 1am-3am on Saturday. Now our audience consists of the unemployed, bludging students and drug addicts BEFORE they get wasted.

From Kitchenlogic

I didn't need one more set of glasses about four sets of glasses ago.

From Miss-Edith

I think I speak for us all when I say "whatever".

From Mutster101

Her hair was dyed that slightly blue-tinted black that actually looks blacker than real black, just in case you'd missed the fact that it was in fact black that was going on here. In Goth circles, they'd be proud of her. Apart from two small points that destroyed the entire image. Firstly, she had far too healthy a complexion to look really Goth. Her cheeks had colour, for fuck's sake. There wasn't the slightest hint of a pallid anæmic look about her. Her second infraction was the bag she was carrying. Not only was it bright pink, it was bright pink with the Powerpuff Girls on it. Marilyn Manson will be spinning in whatever it is he sleeps in every night.

From MZauberman

Anyway, among the eighteen people who gave speeches, the most prominence was given to the school's English teacher, presumably because she was literate. I say presumably because her speech seriously called into question this presumption.

From OneBlueGreen

(The lore of the knitting curse states that your relationship will end if you knit for someone.)

From Owcowkee

If I ever get the chance to fire Joan Rivers and send her ancient ass packing, I would jump at the opportunity. Put me in coach!

From Sarafem

He’s a Democrat and finds feminists entertaining. I let that slide. Cos he’s hot and I want to try a McGriddle.

From Service-Dog

You know, if humans would just pee on more stuff, it would all be much simpler.

From Spritopias

I've seen it all now. Well, I haven't but I'm afraid of what I haven't seen.

From Tattodnanny

I'm not sure why it was decided that bright yellow jammies with "tangy" written on them would be relaxing sleep wear. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the marketing person who decided to make bright yellow jammies that have "tangy" written on them made a poor marketing decision, as I acquired them on clearance for $5.

From TranceJen

To kill a vampire, you have to cook a steak in its heart.

From Trinity63

That’s like telling a crack whore, no crack for the day, and the crack is in the fridge next to the butter.