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2006-04-15 - 9:06 p.m.

Good Writers And Bad Relationships

I got pretty lucky this week. I discovered quite a few good writers without having to read through too many random diaries.

Just to put this in perspective, I estimate that I have to look through about thirty or forty random diary entries before I find just one diary worth reading. This week, I only looked through twenty or so before I found five quotes worth posting.

This means a lot to me because I don't think I can handle too many more entries about bad, or non-existent, relationships. Don't get me wrong, I feel bad that there are lonely and unhappy people out there...but isn't that why God invented alcohol and prostitutes?

Works for me, anyway.

Ha ha! Just kidding. I am happily married to a wonderful woman who will probably do painful and unnatural things to my gonads if she ever reads this entry.

I guess my point is this: Get out there and raise some holy heck, people! Experience all the sordid affairs and decadent tomfoolery that life has to offer. Why write an entry about another uneventful Saturday night, when you can write about Montezuma's Revenge kicking in while you are entangled in the drunken, sweaty embrace of a 52-year old Tijuana whore?

Now that's worth Quoting!

And so are these...

From hedgehoggy:

Yup, the religious freaks are out there in full force thanks to this being THEIR weekend (after dealing with those pesky Easter eggs that they must hide for the kids) of telling everyone "He is risen."

I still say y'all go out there on your front lawn, after baking some Pillsbury cookies, yell as hard as you can that your cookies have risen.

From discodave:

Gone are the days when I can easily spot April Fool's jokes in the media - the state of the world as it is, every story sounds like it must be a joke.

From endless-sea:

Went to the hospital today. At the counter, there were twenty tiny heart monitor screens. It's strange watching 20 or so heartbeats at the same time - twenty strangers who were alive right there, right then. Their lives were enfolding in front of us, and we watched them living as they slept, unable to know themselves.

One line faltered. We held our breaths.

From argentum:

On the way to work today, as I drove up the entrance on the grounds I thought about my encounter with the ceo yesterday.

I wondered how far could I push it. I got an impulse to strap on the IPOD and strut up to her office. Then dance.

Wildly. Flail my arms around in awkward arcs. Move my body to rhythms only I can hear.

Dance, and dance horribly. Dance embarassingly.

And when she interrupted me, I'd just say, "Oh, yeah. We talked yesterday on the phone. I'm Argentum. Do you remember me?"

From genghis-jon:

I have some absolutely incredible news I want to share with all of you.

But I'm not going to. Not now anyways. Mainly because I haven't shared the news with some of my friends yet, and if they find out by reading it online they'll whine at me and I cannot take whining.

So instead we'll discuss some things in the news with absolutely no hidden messages.

First up, how about that port deal crisis with the UAE? Critics claim that if Dubai DIDN'T PULL OUT it could lead to trouble leaving our ports with little or NO PROTECTION maybe eight or NINE MONTHS down the road. Oooh BABY could it ever.