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2006-07-09 - 10:21 a.m.

Quoted Is Broke-ed-did

Well, I just wanted everyone to know that the submission code for Quoted is still broken. Of course, this statement is probably self-evident to anyone who has tried to submit anything in the last month or so.

For those of you who enjoy technical talk: the server-side code of Diaryland is filtering out the script tag in my comments page template. This means none of the JavaScript code that submits the form, and sends me an email, can work until the filter is removed. This is a recent problem, and since I haven't changed any of this code for many months, it is probably related to some of the comment spam code that Andrew has been adding to the system. Of course, the scope of the filtering should be limited to the comments only and not template code. So hopefully, this problem will be viewed as a bug and resolved on the server side. Until then, there is nothing I can do about it.

For those of you who don't enjoy technical talk: Andrew broke my toy...let's give him a wedgie.

Fortunately, I submitted a tech support request three weeks ago and it's status has gone from "this request is still in the support queue and has not been answered yet" to "this request is still in the support queue and has not been answered yet", know, that's encouraging.

Meanwhile, on the non-sarcastic side of fortune, it actually is fortunate that you can still submit quotes the old-fashion way, via the following e-mail address:

If you have a quote you would like to submit, please send the following information:

The quote
Name or user name of the diary you are quoting
Full URL of the entry where the quote resides (e.g.
Your name or user name
URL of your diary or site

And now, the quotes...

From willowfox:

This entry is in response to all the calls, emails, comments and messages I'm sure I would have received in reaction to my obviously very noticeable and unbearable absence from this blog, had you all been able to recover from your sobs and wails and feelings of dispair before I beat you to the punch and posted this entry.

From yeahimadork:

Someone just walked by my desk and asked me, "Is it hot enough for ya?"

No dumbass. I'd like my skin to set on fire when I walk outside.

From balynar (Sent by DebSiobhan):

Watch any episode of COPS or Jerry Springer. Half the fights or domestic disturbances that occur happen because someone believes that they have been slighted or put down by someone else. They are the King of this mountain, even if they mountain is, in fact, Mt. Crapula, and they will be DAMNED if they will allow themselves to be taken down.

From warcrygirl:

Oh, take notice of that bird bath and add it to the list of stuff that Captain Destructo [her little boy] has broken. It was sitting there, holding water for little birdies and minding it's own business when one day I step outside and notice this:

Umm, I wasn't going to notice my bird bath was suddenly leaning at an angle? It's the Leaning Tower of Bird Bath!