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2005-10-06 - 11:26 p.m.

People Are Listening

I put together a banner this week for Quoted:

It is true that Quoted has a large and active readership. So, if you have a good quote you would like to share with a lot of people, please send:

The quote
Name or user name of the diary you are quoting
Full URL of the entry where the quote resides (e.g.
Your name or user name
URL of your diary or site

To the following email address:

The more submissions I get, the better this site will be.

And now, some more quotes...

From Andreeb

So I didn't eat any dessert at all yesterday... until last night. I ate ice cream.

But I didn't eat the whole container. That's like a diet, right?

From Lukeduke

...if you ever find yourself debating whether you should fall in love with a person, watch them drunkenly scarf down a condiment-laden hot dog. Once you've seen that, you'll know the answer. For me, the answer was, "Uhh, pass."

From Thruthefire (Sent by Uglystars):

And really, how do you pick up a conversation after telling someone to shove something up their ass?

From Alicewonders

Strange creatures, teenage girls. One minute they're all "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy... look at THIS!" like they're still three years old and in the next breath their eyes are rolled so far back in their heads you're wondering if you should get them medical attention.

Y'know, if I ever do call for a medic, I think I'll see if they can surgically remove that phone from her head while they're here

From Hangover (Sent by Uglystars):

Standing in a 7-11 it suddenly dawns upon me, after all these years

"this place is a walk-in vending machine"