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2000-11-27 - 14:37:58

Feel The Love
Love For Quoted:

From FadeIn

Well, I have finally made my entrance into Diaryland High Society: I have been Quoted. Yes, and it's my understanding that at all future Diaryland functions I get to walk around with a special red velvet jacket, drinking a snifter of brandy, smoking a pipe while a band of awe-struck sycophants hangs on my every witticism. I'll be delightfully and dryly droll while I use my newfound status to bed naive young Diarylanders with stars in their eyes. Unfortunately, my status will go to my head, and after years of such debauchery I will finally be slain in a gentleman's duel over a game of drunken backgammon gone horribly wrong.

From Quarters

my world is complete: i, nick blahblahblah, have, as of this thirty first day in the two thousand first day of our lord, whoever the f*** that is, have finally finally finally... been quoted!!! it's a joyous day.

From Ginger

and in one of my many shining moments of teen-angst, i was quoted. how embarassing.

From MrBadExample

Hot-damn! I've been quoted.

From Katfish

Wow, the Quoted person likes me. He/she/it really likes me. Now I'm somebody.

From Uncle Bob

Well ... I can finally die and go to Heaven.

...I got QUOTED!!!

From Fatal-Error

Heh. I was quoted yesterday.

From BradBourne

Special thanks to Quoted, and JA (whoever the hell that is..) for quoting me! I'll be famous yet!

From Ashes

Oh oh! First, I got Quoted!!! I feel so spiffy!! The quote looks SO funny, particularly out of context. I love it. *thrrrrmmmmm*

From Falwyn

I have been Quoted! I wish I could gush about how good this makes me feel without sounding totally ridiculous, but instead I will just move on. Having drawn your attention to the fact, of course.

From PartyGirl

Today, I made my debut on quoted. Not once, but twice. Thatís a hell of a debut in my book!

From Tawny

I got Quoted! I have acheived stardom.

From TigreFatalis

I was Quoted. *smirks* This is like a dream come true. I can't believe I've actually made it to the hallowed halls of that prestigious diary.

From DonnaGirl

Hey! I was quoted by Quoted. I think that's cool as heck.

From Sympatric

I've been quoted by Quoted. I feel pretty damn cool, I must say.