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2005-10-02 - 2:29 p.m.

Surprisingly Enough, Another Entry With Quotes

I'm starting to realize how difficult it is to create original titles for Quoted entries. I mean, there are only so many ways to summarize the concept of a list of quotes:

  • More Quotes
  • Quotes Again
  • Son Of Quotes
  • "'s
  • Here Come Da Quotes
  • Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dream Quotes
  • Filling The Quote Quota
  • Don't Rock The Quote, Baby

But if all of this brainstorming has taught me anything, it is this: puns will never be very funny.

I finished up the last of the Big List work today. All of historical information of who has been quoted, and when, is in there, separated by year. And if all this sexy computer data talk hasn't made you hot and bothered yet, I have even more exciting news: I updated the FAQ, too!

Whoa Ho......Mama!!

Now, while I go take a cold shower, you can sit back and enjoy some more quotes...

From She Is Dancing

i don't know if anyone else does this, but i don't know, have you ever, in a pinch, say you're in your car with no water, made use of that built-up snot and mucus in the back of your throat to help swallow your allergy pill dry?
no? it's just me?

From Nitpick

Being newly married, people feel they must constantly ask me when I plan to have kids, how many, and on and on and on. Iíve started to wonder if people ask these questions because they really just have nothing better to talk about, but anyhow, as Iím sure many of you have experienced, it gets quite obnoxious. I typically respond that no kids are on the way just yet, but that we can call them each time we have sex so that there is a good chance theyíll be the first to know.

From Sturge

I have a new laundry trick.

I learned that if I open the door while the dryer is still running, the tumbler thingy does a few extra turns while it stops, and it dumps most of the clothes out the door as it comes to a rest. If I put the hamper basket down in front, the dryer basically unloads itself.

I know it's pretty lame for a diary entry, but I'm on my 8th gin drink, which in my drunken head, is earthshaking news.

From The Latte Boy

it's worth noting that I've somehow managed to lose half of a turkey sandwich somewhere in my house.

The first half was so good, too. Pity.

From Biodtl (Sent by Bonkrood):

I saw that TLC (or one of the discovery group channels) had a show called Born with Two Heads. The people who run these channels are killing me. I mean, we have had The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off, 101 Things Removed From The Human Body, Archie, The 84-lb Baby, Face Eating Tumor, Girl with the X-Ray Eyes, and Half Ton Man. What's next? Pus-Filled Boil Head? My Leaking Penis? Jeez.