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2006-05-14 - 11:12 a.m.

Happy Mother's Day From Quoted

This Quoted entry is brought to you by Mother's Day.

It does not contain any quotes about mothers.

I'm not going to discuss motherhood in any way.

It was not written by a mother...unless you consider me to be a mutha, but I think that's stretching the criteria of the holiday a bit, don't you?

It doesn't even contain any sappy sentiments or pictures of babies or crayon drawings on refrigerators or faces only a mother could love.

But, in keeping with the tasteless and pointless style I have struggled so hard to bring to this site over the past months, this entry does contain some of my favorite "Yo Mama" jokes.

No, that's wrong. I'm looking back at what I just wrote and I don't see the jokes anywhere. My bad.

Looking forward, however, I see that this entry does contain some spiffy new quotes. So, enjoy the quotes and have a terrific Mother's Day!

From idiot-milk:

Some people discuss politics or current events, some people go out and do interesting stuff, some people have lives. My household? We cram our faces full of marshmallows and scream "CHUBBY BUNNY" for hours on end. Intellectuals, that's us.

On a side note, I have no idea why I can't lose weight. It's a mystery, is what it is.

From xat:

On top of that, there's a unwarrented assumption of some sort of virtue in waking early. Perhaps when we were all farmers, and needed the daylight. But we don't all farm anymore. And there's this thing called artificial light now.

From celynen:

Consequently, my parents are surrounded by leeches who don't even recognize that their willingness to accept my parents' generosity often crosses the line and grossly abuses their friendship. My parents, for their part, choose to ignore it. The giving makes them feel good.

I suppose the worst part in that is I've heard people excuse their own behaviour for that very reason.

From Jehsika (Sent by Golf Widow):

There really needs to be a sarcasm font style.

From joiedv:

I want to share one thing: I really appreciate the glimpses I get into each life I encounter here. Every diary I have read is written by someone I would probably never have gotten the chance to meet in person. And if I had met, probably never would have gotten to know. This is a gift, this look into other lives, other hearts and other minds. I suppose that is what keeps up all reading each otherís diaries. The good, the bad and the lessons galore, there for the price of admission.

From gaffor:

Once again in the past week I got a ridiculous injury. I put myself in agony trying to pick up a towel. One day I will hurt myself protecting a lady from a gang of gun wielding maniacs, or something vaguely respectable. But for now the towel is my arch-nemesis.