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2005-09-18 - 7:16 p.m.

Old Quotes, New Big List

I finished rewriting the Big List code this week. The changes I made allow the two split lists to be consolidated again, despite the Diaryland limitation on entry length. I also put in a set of alphabetical links at the top of the list, which should make it easier to find the specific Diaryland writer you are looking for.

I am still working on transferring the old link data to the page, but that will be an ongoing effort as I trudge my way through the older entries and double-check the accuracy of the list.

I also want to remind everybody that there is a new e-mail address available for your quote suggestions:

If you have a quote you would like to submit, please send the following information:

The quote
Name or user name of the diary you are quoting
Full URL of the entry where the quote resides (e.g.
Your name or user name
URL of your diary or site

In the meantime, here are some quotes I dug up the last week or so...

From Sanetwin

[Having a conversation with her daughter, who is in the second grade...]

"Mommy how do you make love?"


"How do you make love? What comes after the 'o'?"


"Yeah, l..o..."

"Ohhh," Huge sigh of relief, "you mean how do you WRITE love?"

"Yeah." Duh, Mommy.

From Blue Meany

He then proclaimed me to be the "whitest white girl who ever was white," or something to that effect. I trusted his judgment, as he is a very reputable man of color-other-than-white.

From Kristintracy

I broke down and asked a second sales guy, who looked like hed spent the previous life as a professor of Russian literature at a second-tier university and ran the pointy, bony face workshops during the summer.

From Smartypants

Sometimes football announcers shouldn't bother mentioning the injury that takes a guy out of the game. Especially when that injury is a "gluteal contusion." Poor baby, with the bruised ass!

From Luvabeans

I managed to drive across half the country without anything breaking. Then, when I finally unpacked, I stepped on my glasses and snapped the frames in half.