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2005-09-12 - 10:47 p.m.

Quoted Reloaded

Hello. It looks like the updated Gold Account has kicked in and Quoted is back in full force. My name is Plop and I will be taking over the role of Quotemeister from the lovely, talented and high fiber Weetabix. She has opted to hand over the Quoted reins and focus more on her lifelong goal of staying crispy in milk.

There are several areas of the site that need to be updated, but the most critical piece is getting the quotes flowing again. If you have a quote you would like to submit, please send the following information to getquoted followed by the at sign then gmail point com:

The quote
Name or user name of the diary you are quoting
Full URL of the entry where the quote resides (e.g.
Your name or user name
URL of your diary or site

Also, if you have any suggestions on updating or fixing the site, I would appreciate hearing from you as well at the same email address.

That's all for now, so hit me with those quotes.