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2005-10-09 - 11:03 p.m.

If Quotes Dominate Your World, Be Submissive

Submitting a quote to Quoted just got easier. This weekend I tweaked the Quoted comments page to allow quote submissions. All you have to do is go to the 'Options' drop down box at the bottom of every entry and select 'Submit A Quote'. This will take you to a submission form where you can fill in your information and submit your quote. Although you will not see your submission in the comments section, an email will automatically be sent to me after you submit the information. No more email worries for keep submitting those quotes.

Speaking of quotes (my clever, clever segue) here they come now...

From Sherpahigh:

Today is John Lennon's birthday...and in Lennon's memory... let us take a moment to remember those who don't have what we do... from America, to Africa... to Asia... Guatamala and Mexico... War, starvation, natural disaster and hate.

Yes he was a dreamer, and sadly he was the only one.

From Radiogurl:

Yeesh... you think you buy a week's worth of groceries every month or two, the food should last. Go figure.

From Ghosty

She invited me over after I get off, but she's staying at a friend's house and I've never met her friend...I'd be uncomfortable coz I've been pooping a lot and I don't want to meet someone new and be the guy stinking up the bathroom...

From Diotima:

"And how've you been?" He asks.

My hands smarted from Oliver Twist gloves, thawing slowly and painfully. My ears had lost their sensation the way my face was frozen as though from Botox.

"Cold." i couldn't feel the fingers on my face. "Freezing."

"But freezing, not frigid, right?"

i smile anyway. Come closer my dear so i can slap you. Instead i say, "They don't exist."

He makes a moue of disagreement. "That's debatable. I've known a few -"

Which doesn't say much about you. But aloud, "There are no frigid women -only incompetent men."