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2005-10-19 - 12:56 a.m.

Speaking The Unspoken Language (dramatic pause) Of Quotes

There's nothing better than finding a good quote. This week I found some tasty tidbits from a completely random selection of recently updated journals. I also got some good suggestions from Quote submissions, so keep them coming. You can access the Quote Submission Form from the drop options box at the bottom of this entry (or any entry, for that matter).

Yes, there are so many positive feelings associated with a Quote discovery. It's a ecstatic rapture...dare I say, a je ne sais quoi...

That's a French phrase for,, gosh, I don't know what...but it must be uttered while smoking and scowling fiercely.

Alas! How can I share my feelings with all of you? Mere words trivialize my emotions the moment they are written; therefore, I must express myself with a more basic, primal and passionate form of communication...

That's right, I'm gonna dance!









And now, if you aren't going to give me a dollar for my efforts, please tear your eyes away from my hypnotic, undulating pelvis, and place them on this list of new quotes...

From yes-that-mom (Sent by Anonymous):

Hubby and I were laying in bed debating on taking a nap. Chris was in the living room playing video games. Our cuddling took a more intimate turn if you get my drift here, when about 5 minutes later we hear a knock at the door and "Mom and Dad what are you doing?" we told him were taking a nap and to go finish his video game. Then he says "you guys are having sex, I heard Dads belt"

From minx-jen:

*sighs* is it wrong to sit in the dark and drink by yourself? or would it be better if i went and stole my neighbors cat and drank with the cat?

From boogieshoes:

This morning, while I looked tired and my worst, someone called me "striking". It was quite an ego boost for the day, although later I wondered if they meant "bitchy".

From bikiwiki:

Today the muscles in my arms are kind of sore. Well, really my pecs, of all things. I can't for the life of me think of what I might have done to make that happen. Some people walk, but apparently I do push-ups in my sleep.

From Bee (Sent by Dee):

Dan thinks it's hilarious that I always seem to spill popcorn in bed.

And then after wallowing in it all night long, I'll find it sometime the next day and eat it.

Is that gross?

I thought this other part, from the same entry, was pretty funny also...

Tonight we went to a house that I wouldn't move into if it were absolutely free.

Maybe it was the large grey power box on the front lawn.

Maybe it was the heavy barnyard odour that enveloped me like a noxious cloud upon entering said house.

Maybe it was the large blood stain I'm almost positive I would've seen had I peeled up the new, freshly laid cheap carpet.