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Quoted FAQ (last updated 10-11-05)

Quoted is a diary dedicated to presenting the very best quotes of Diaryland writers. It has been in operation since June, 2000, and has become a very popular site over the years by highlighting some of the most entertaining, humorous and thought-provoking writing Diaryland has to offer. Quoted was originally created by Francine and was maintained by her until April, 2002. Here is a self-description and the original introduction that Francine wrote regarding the Quoted site:

I'm a 27-year-old woman who works at a nonprofit association as "person in charge of computers". I spend most of my day at my desk and use DiaryLand as a convenient way to blow off steam. If you're really curious, you can email me to read my real diary and learn more about me than probably either of us would be comfortable with. But I'd appreciate it if you didn't stalk and kill me.

All right. I read a lot of DiaryLand diaries. It's become a fixation. Or a mania? Whatever. When I sat down and figured it out, I realized that I read at least 40 or 50 random ones a day, sometimes more than 100. Not counting the 20 or so that I actually have bookmarked because I really, really like them.

It's become such an obsession that I now need an online diary just to track my obsession with online diaries.

Which is what this is. Enjoy!

After having a baby and a hiatus of many months, Francine turned the Quoted reins over to Weetabix, who maintained the site from October, 2002, to September, 2004.

In July, 2005, Weetabix made a request for a new Quotemeister and selected me, Ploppy, to take over the position. I have maintained the site from September, 2005, to present.

Can anyone send in quotes? How do I send in quotes? Do you have a preferred format?

Anyone can send in a quote, whether you have an online diary or not.

If you have a quote you would like to submit, all you have to do is go to the 'Options' drop down box at the bottom of every entry and select 'Submit A Quote'. This will take you to a submission form where you can fill in your information and submit your quote. Although you will not see your submission in the comments section, an email will automatically be sent to me after you submit the information.

How can I see if I've been quoted?

Just check the Big List of who's been quoted and when. Reading each new Quoted entry is another way. I also send out an email to anyone that has their email address readily available on their site. Finally, if Diaryland notes or a guestbook are activated, I post a message there as well.

Who are you?

The Quotemeister has changed over the years. The original Quoted creator was Francine. You can read more about her above.

The second Quotemeister was Weetabix.

The current Quotemeister is Ploppy.

How do I get quoted?

Your best bet is to submit a quote, or have one of your friends or readers (or friendly readers) submit a quote. I say this because the process I use to select the diaries I quote occurs pretty much at random. Sometimes I run through the most recently updated diaries and read through a few of the latest entries. Sometimes I read through a series of buddy list links or recommended sites from other writers. Okay, sometimes I hit my own buddy list as well, but mostly I try to keep the selection process random to assure I see the widest variety of diaries possible.

Do you only quote Diaryland entries?

The purpose of Quoted is to highlight Diaryland writers. When I am searching for quotes I am usually looking through Diaryland writers. As a result, the majority of quotes come from either Diaryland, or from former Diaryland writers who have since moved to other sites. Having said that, if you want to submit a non-Diaryland quote, feel free. We all enjoy good writing and the more submissions I get, the better the site will be.

Where can I buy super-spiffy Quoted merchandise?

How kind of you to ask! You can get your Quoted T-shirts, mugs, and mousepads at The Official Quoted Store. All official, all the time.

Why haven't you replied to my email?

I do read all of the email that comes to Quoted. I can't guarantee I will use all of the quotes sent to me. I also can't guarantee that I will reply to all of the emails I receive, but if a email warrants a reply, I will do my best to respond. If you are Quoted, you will receive an e-mail if your address is readily available on your web site.

How often do you update the Quoted site?

I am shooting for once or twice per week. Obviously, the updates will be more frequent if I am receiving a steady stream of quote submissions from other readers. So keep those submissions coming.

How can I get notified of updates?

You can add Quoted to your Diaryland buddy list or you can join the Quoted notify list by entering your email to join the Quoted Notify List:

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How can I get off this crazy list?

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