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2000-08-11 - 14:53:33

Quick Quotes
I've started three DiaryLand related topics. None of them were very good, and I've got to run to an office picnic now. How about some quotes? (keep 'em coming...)

From Mr. Plutonium (Mr. Saturnine)

I slept late again today. Late is, of course, a highly subjective term. I got up at noon... I'm calling it late because I could've gotten up earlier, but I didn't bother.

From Ornerypest

She found this car she thought was just perfect so she cornered a salesman and said, "Hey you! Sell me that car there!" The salesman answered, "I'm sorry Ma'am, but that car's a stick shift. Don't you think you'd rather have an automatic?" So she grabbed him by the collar and shook him and retorted, "Whassa Matter, ya Bloomin' Idiot! You think a woman can't shift real gears!"

From Sympatric

Damn you, jell-o! You only masquerade as a animal product-less treat.

From Kev Space (via Lisa McC)

Molly is a sweetie, but she's a walking garbage disposal. She's finally figured out that she gets food after I open the gate, and so she trots in and waits making little Mollynoises until I shovel her some wet food. Then she Hoovers it up as if it was the last pile of cat food left in some strange Mad Max dystopian kitty civilization.

From Gawain (via Starr Angel)

I guess that just like everything else, there's bad churches and good churches. "Bob's Holy House of Genital Removal and Comet Travel" is a bad one, for instance. Don't join that one.