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2000-08-18 - 16:52:22

Instant Gratification, Please
I am surprised by the number of people who read this. Really. I honestly did start it just because I read things and want to remember them - when I was addicted to, I kept a file of all my favorite quotes and who said them, so I could look back and giggle. Hey, I'm geeky like that. (Well, not only like that. It's just one of my many geeky ways...)

I don't have a counter on this page. The thing that made me notice is how many people took off their links to password-protected diaries - and cited my diatribe as their reason for doing it. I thank you all. Nothing against the people who need a password, for whatever reason, but hey - no need to flaunt that you can read a diary that I can't.

So I'll push my luck - know what else really bugs me? People who use iMood on their diary pages. I don't really care about the service - I care that the server is so freakin' slow. I have a DSL connection; it shouldn't take 5 minutes to load a page that's almost all text. But it DOES, because it has to go alllll the way out to the iMood server, and the alllll the way back to me, just so I can know that the writer is feeling "sleepy", or at least was two weeks ago because they never bother to change it anyway.

Peevish and nitpicky, that's me. Oh, also incredibly impatient.

From Fattitude

To all my northern friends that live here and to all the northern folks that come to the south to visit. Under no circumstances are you to go into Shoney's and make fun of GRITS! You bring your yankee ass down here, you will eat them.

From Paparazzi

Looks like I'm gonna stick to automatic. Get it? Get it??! STICK to automatic. Ah, how I try to crack myself up and fail miserably.

From Outbox (via someone who didn't leave a name)

last night i was such a small fish in such a large pond. and it was absolutely divine. i travel, you know, up and down stream, where my relative fishiness changes. but i remain fishy. i hope never to become the pond grasses and the scum stones. stagnent. washed over. i want constant motion. self perpetuated constant motion.

From Blivet (via Waterbelle)

My official answer: Because our official process says that we're supposed to spend 90% of our time designing and only 10% coding. I made up those numbers (they're probably supposed to be closer to 75/25) but if I make one of those Milk-and-Cheese-when-they're-not-in-a-violent-homicidal-rage faces when I'm explaining it all to my boss, I'm sure it will work out ok.

From Intemperance (via Marn)

Even dogs know to throw back the bad ones. This dog tears out of the house and heads straight for the fence and begins to bark as though an entire gang of hooligans are causing terrible mischief in my backyard which will inevitably spill over into Muttís yard if he doesnít stand there and bark til the veins in his neck burst and his brain explodes from the pressure and his eyes pop out of his head. (Okay, so that hasnít happened, but I think we can all admit that it will be cool when it finally does.)

From Scully (via Waldo)

He is now a stupid metophore. This signals the fact that he has really left an impression. All my friends have been turned into a food. Carol Ann is a burrito or sweet and sour shrimp of something like that.