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2000-10-12 - 15:01:51

Advise Me
"Heh - have I mentioned that I like diaries? And my other main obsession is advice columns? Hey, you got an advice column in my diary! No, you got a diary in my advice column!"

This is a quote from me. Because I'm feeling all meta like that today. No, wait, that's a joke. Really to introduce the latest DiaryLand advice column, Good Advice, brought to you by PartyGirl and Marnie2000. Go. Ask questions. Receive advice.

And what are advice columns usually about? Same things that people write about in their diaries. People trying to figure out... how to be people, I suppose. The interesting stuff. Like these quotes.

From Schmez (via Starr Angel)

When he started... my pulse was about 85-90 beats per minute, but by the end of the two minute mark, it was up over 140. It really upset him, and now he's afraid that I'm going to be dead of a heart attack by the time I'm thirty. Well, now he knows how I feel, imagining him dead in every scenario possible.

From Rhetoric (via Lori)

what i want to know is, is how come no one in my age demographic wants any of this from me? come no one my age wants to see my keys and ring, to put a hairclip in my hair, to have a long (though real) conversation with me, drive around for an hour or whatever, tug on my sleeve and tell me they don't want me to leave; that they want me to stay? what... happened to the people who were six in the mid-eighties?

From Quiara

I don't want her to have her heart broken, but who am I to counsel her on such matters? My heart has never been broken. It's still fresh from the factory in its bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts, and twelve layers of packing tape.

From Gingi

laying next to someone without sex, no matter how cool they may be, is an exercise in torture -- unless there's love involved. call me cynical, but I think cuddling is the most intimate act you can commit with another person.