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2001-04-25 - 11:49 a.m.

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My goal is to update every day this week. Just so you know. I had over 100 submissions to get through - no random diaries for me!

From AbbeyNormal (via BlueBlonde)

I wrote an email to a friend that happened to contain the word "heterosexual." Alex was looking over my shoulder, and just caught the word. "I've always wanted to ask you, Mom," he said. "You are heterosexual, right? 'Cuz if you weren't, it would totally destroy my girl-on-girl fantasies, and then what would I do?"

From DrewD (via Dichroic)

And the guy had a parrot called H*bble who he talked to like his lover - and the parrot talked back with equal affection. So imagine a Jewish man whispering sweet nothings to a parrot named H*bble. Yes, you've got it: a gay version of The Way We Were with feathers.

From TineAngst (via Katybug)

March 21st was RA Appreciation Day. If my RA had only been around, I would've shown him just how much I appreciate him.
Of course, his girlfriend would mind, but as far as I know, she is not an RA, and hence, does not need to be appreciated or taken into consideration.

From Fatal-Error (via Pischina)

To me, talking about relationships is like talking about quantum physics I know about the same amount about each and what I know only works in theory.

From JunkyMunky (via charlie with no diary)

well, that painting with the broken mirrors all over it has been sitting in his room for the longest time... but i just heard the news that he was in his room doing something or other when he reached his arm back and sliced it. i guess that i had a bit too much wishful thinking going on. when i heard about it i laughed. and i hoped that there was blood on my painting. i'm glad that something i made hurt him.