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2001-11-02 - 2:01 p.m.

Happy Friday!
Today is... uh... well, I'm stuck for anything to write so here are some quotes day! Whoo!

From Everwhat (via Alex)

You know you're 18 when you get a credit card account. You know you're a man when you cancel one.

From Arizabif (via Caronblocks)

In my next home, I want cement floors, with drains in the center of each room, and a hose spigot. I'll just hose the damn place down once a week, and be done with it.

From Suicideblond (via Juniperaz)

so... the shit has hit the proverbial fan. kinda. or is about to. and not like, huge shit, either. more like little hamster turds are getting ready to be tossed at one of those little battery-operated hand-held fans.

From Elsworthy (via someone anonymous)

We have a new theory about why it's so hard to lose weight. Your fat loves you - yes it does - and, like many things that love you, when you try to reject it, it goes all resentful and clingy, and won't give up and go away.
Bob calls it "stalker fat".

From Inarticulate (via KathMcCall)

It would probably be easier to just become a clown family once and for all. We're so close as it is, we might as well just buy the face paint.